Race Recap: Froyo 5k

What will make me do a race the week after my first marathon? Free FroYo of course! My friend Katy and I saw the FroYo 5k and decided if we were still too sore (she ran the Phoenix half) then we would just take it easy. I ended up feeling just fine and really enjoyed this fun, new, novelty race!

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The setup of the FroYo 5k was different than most races. They didn’t have a day before packet pickup option and you had to get your packet the day of the race. They had plenty of volunteers to help with the process but the interesting thing was your name was not assigned a number, rather you were just given one when you checked in. This made it easy as far as pickup went but you needed to make sure you kept your bib to find out results later. It was very simple though and worked perfectly for a fun race like this.

Skye and I

Skye and I (I’m wearing the FroYo 5k hat)

Since you had to pickup on race day, everyone was there very early. They had music blasting and Zumba instructors leading kids in a dance. There was also a costume contest; my favorite were the two women dressed as froyo spoons. It was nice to hang out and enjoy ourselves. Since it was a later start, it wasn’t freezing or dark out. I ran into a friend from when I worked in the athletic department and chatted with her for a bit. Parking was right on site so it was easy to get your bag and put it in the car. With your bib, you received a FroYo 5k hat, a pink Yogurtland snap bracelet and a coupon for Yogurtland. I decided to wear the hat because, why not?

FroYo 5k start, photo courtesy of the FroYo 5k Facebook page.

FroYo 5k start, photo courtesy of the FroYo 5k Facebook page.

The announcer led us to the road where the start was. We had a national anthem and they did a nice job of putting the runners first and having the strollers and walkers go after. It wasn’t a huge race but it’s always hard to organize if there are not corrals.

Finishing strong! (Photo from FroYo 5k)

Finishing strong! (Photo from FroYo 5k)

The course was an easy, flat, fast loop. The first part was on the road before it turned into the corral. I love running the corrals at home but the dust that kicked up during that stretch was not super pleasant. It was still nice to run along the water. I ran my first mile fast – 8:22. My stomach wasn’t feeling great so I turned it down on mile 2 – 8:53. It was warm out and they had plenty of water stations. The one recommendation I would make is to ditch the styrofoam cups, they are much harder to drink out of than dixie cups while running. I turned it up some again on mile 3 – 8:36. The end of the race had you run under a “Frozone” which had misters. I averaged 7:33 in the last .1 and finished in 26.29, my fastest 5k since the Spay Pride Parade last year.

Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

We headed over to the yogurt tent after. All competitors had their choice of tart or strawberry yogurt and you could add gummy bears, Oreos, Nilla Wafers, granola, almonds and another topping I can’t remember. It was very well organized – at the bottom of your bib was a form and you would check your flavors and topping then hand that to a volunteer. The sweet treat was the perfect way to finish the race.


This was the first FroYo 5k and they have eight other locations planned. I was very impressed with the race! The medal was very nice (it reminded me of 90s Nickelodeon in a way!) and of course the yogurt was fantastic! It was a great course and they put on a fun morning! I would recommend the FroYo 5k to anyone and will likely run again next year.



  1. Nice job! I remember seeing you since I was shortly behind. And I see you did the Phoenix full. Way to go!! Are you going to be back for round 2 of Froyo run in May? I read they’re coming back to Scottsdale.

    1. I saw that! I’m actually going to be visiting my best friend in Chicago that weekend otherwise I would have thought about it! Are you going to?

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