REVIEW: M80 Roller (Giveaway!)

Disclaimer: I received an M80 Extreme Roller case thanks to the Run Eat Tweet AZ CRO program. You can learn more about Run Eat Tweet AZ here. All opinions are my own.

Now that my marathon is over and I don’t have a big race scheduled, the thing I’m working on the most running-wise is maintaining my endurance and staying healthy. I’ll talk more about how I’ve been maintaining in a later post, but one of the most recommended ways to stay injury free is to use a foam roller. I’ve used it sporadically throughout my time as a runner, but I just recently started using one consistently. The time was perfect then that I was given an M80 Roller to review as part of the Run Eat Tweet AZ Chief Running Officer program. I’ve been using it every other day for about two weeks now.

Oh foam roller, I love to hate you!

Oh foam roller, I love to hate you!

Things I loved about the M80 Roller:

1. It was hard and sturdy – it hurt so good! My hip hurt for a bit before and after my marathon so I’ve been using it to help ease that. I definitely wince in pain while using but I feel it has really made a difference in my recovery. It really hits all the right spots.


2. It doesn’t slip. There are grooves in the roller and the material makes it so that it does not slip. Our downstairs is tile and I feel I can use it on there without having to worry about it slipping out from under me. It also does great on our carpet upstairs. The grooves are hard and can leave a mark so I do try to wear yoga pants instead of shorts when rolling.

3. It’s durable. My dog is well out of the chewing stage but I still sometimes get nervous when I leave things out. This roller would get minimal damage from looking like a puppy snack. Better yet, it appears it will last for a long time and not get bent out of shape.

Archie proof!

Archie proof!

4. M80 offers a variety of sizes. I was given the M80 Extreme which I like because in addition to my legs, I can also roll out my back. They also have a 15-inch version and a 6-inch version which would be perfect to pack in a suitcase.

5. They have videos on their website. For those new to foam rolling, it’s hard to know where to start. The M80 website has several videos on ways to foam roll for all the trouble muscles. They even have playlists for exercises using your roller.

The M80 Extreme runs $59.99 online. It’s a bit pricey (our cheapo foam roller that we had we got from Marshall’s for $15) but the durability and hardness of it make it worth the price in my opinion. It really digs into areas that our other roller does not and does not slip. While I probably wouldn’t have picked out camo for myself, they offer a lot of cool designs and colors.


Lucky for you, Run Eat Tweet AZ is giving away five rollers this week! Every day this week, a new person will be the proud owner of an M80 roller. You can enter online at the Run Eat Tweet AZ Facebook page.


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