Race Recap: Dignity Health Family 5k

Dignity Health Family 5k

Dignity Health Family 5k

A month ago (I need to get better at recapping in time!) I ran the Dignity Health Family 5k. Startline Racing put on the race and did a great job like they always do. Generally their races are on the smaller side and they have packet pickup prior to the start which is always a plus!

Freestone Park

Freestone Park

Another plus for this race was that it was at Freestone Park in my town, Gilbert. Startline Races are fantastic but so many of them are in the North or West Valley making it quite the trek for me. Freestone is a beautiful park with nice flat paths, a few mature trees and a pretty lake.

In addition to on site pickup, Startline Racing also always offers a nice breakfast spread for before and after their races. Bagels, oranges, apples, bananas, peanut butter and gatorade and water are available for all, giving their events a friendly, hometown feel. This race also benefitted the birthing centers at two of the local hospitals.

Enjoying the last race of my 20s!

Enjoying the last race of my 20s!

I knew this was going to be my last race of my 20s. I was going to be traveling in later May and didn’t see a race in early June that caught my eye. I wanted to make sure I gave it my all in this one to close out this decade on a high note.

I gave a bit too much of my all at the beginning. The horn went off and I started out WAY too fast. I clocked 8:02 in my first mile!😳 I haven’t ran that fast since my 5k PR in January 2014. I significantly fell back the final two miles and ended up finishing in 27:26 (8:50/mile).

First place!!

First place!!

Despite it not being my race strategy-wise, I still managed to claim first in my age group! I’ve placed second and third a few times but this was my first time claiming the top spot. It was a great way to close out my 20s!

I can’t finish this post without mentioning one thing. As the title of the race said, this was a family 5k and there were several families including children running. Many of these families worked in the healthcare industry and got together following the race. During the get-together, a tragic accident involving a pool swing caused the death of one of the young girls who had ran that race. It was a complete freak accident and beyond tragic. I can’t imagine what all those families are going through and my heart just hurts for them. She always dreamed of being a YouTube star and her family has shared this video of her singing Taylor Swift. Rest in peace little Clara.


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  1. bisto84 · · Reply

    Great job and time! You don’t even look tired in your picture. Once we hit about April or so, my race times start to suffer from the heat. I love AZ though, so it’s worth it living here!

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