Getting over the slump with Sweat Tracker

Me with my awesome Sweat Tracker shirt after one my scheduled runs!

Me with my awesome Sweat Tracker shirt after one my scheduled runs!

It always happens. Once I’m done training for a big race (aka half marathon or marathon), I always fall off in my running. I drop back into my once or twice a week, 3-4 mile run comfort zone, and generally don’t push myself until I start training for the next race. One of my goals following this marathon was not to have this happen and fortunately Run Eat Tweet AZ allowed me to partner with Sweat Tracker.

Sweat Tracker offers personalized online coaching. While I’ve only had my coach for about two months, I can already tell the difference. I’m being pushed to go farther and am given speeds to hit during my workouts. I also received specific stretches to do and she checks in with me daily to help keep me on track.

I have been working with Sweat Tracker for two months and have two months to go.  Having a coach schedule workouts for me and keep me on track is essential during the summer months. I may not always hit every workout, but I know if I did not have my coach keeping me on track I would not be going out for eight mile runs or doing anything more than 3-4 miles once or twice a week.

You can get 20% off a training plan from Sweat Tracker with the promo code RunEatTweetAZ. This code is good for a year so try it out to prepare for a race or maintain like I am!

Disclaimer: I received coaching through Sweat Tracker  thanks to the Run Eat Tweet AZ CRO program. You can learn more about Run Eat Tweet AZ here. All opinions are my own.


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