REVIEW: GoMacro Bars

A GoMacro Bar was perfect for my long runs.

A GoMacro Bar was perfect for my long runs.

Between workouts and work, sometimes it’s really hard to eat healthy on the go. This is one of the reasons I was stoked when Run Eat Tweet AZ told me about GoMacro Bars and that I was getting the opportunity to try them. IMG_3025 GoMacro bars are 100% vegan, USDA certified organic, certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and made from mostly raw ingredients. They also have seed-based bars which is nice for people who are allergic to nuts. The company’s five principles are to create vegan, macrobiotic, wholesome, community-based and sustainable products. The company was started after the founder Amelia was diagnosed with breast cancer and turned to a macrobiotic lifestyle. She began experimenting with natural sweeteners and from that GoMacro bars were created! IMG_3023 I was stunned at the amount of bars that came on my doorstep, there were so many of them and so many different types! The varieties ranged from simple peanut butter to sesame seed and dates. I had a long run scheduled the next day, so I opted to eat a almond butter/banana one (delicious!) before and bring another one (cashew caramel) with me. In addition to being tasting, I found they were the perfect fuel to keep me going for 10 miles.

The perfect hiking snack!

The perfect hiking snack!

The past month, I’ve had them for breakfast when I’m running late. I’ve used one as a snack while I’m sitting at my desk at work and would eat one before my morning runs. It’s really nice to know you can have something simple, convenient, tasty and good for you. I always had one in my purse and they were the perfect hiking snack for when we were in Sedona. IMG_3044 I mentioned before that I received several flavors. My favorites were easily the ones with the fruit mixed in. Almond butter/banana, apple/walnut, coconut/granola and cherries/berries were all delicious and so full of flavor! I loved the sesame/date one too but the flavors were very powerful so that one had to be savored slowly.  The peanut butter, peanut butter/chocolate chip, cashew butter, cashew caramel, almond butter/carob chip, sunflower butter/chocolate were also very good but I just prefer the addition of the fruit. IMG_3026 Right now you can use the coupon code “BLOGGER” to get 40% off your first order of GoMacro Bars. Be on the lookout at Run Eat Tweet AZ’s Facebook page for a giveaway there too! Disclaimer: I received a box of GoMacro Bars to review thanks to the Run Eat Tweet AZ CRO program. You can learn more about Run Eat Tweet AZ here. All opinions are my own.


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