About me


Hi there! I’m Jen, an almost 30 California native. I live in the Southeast Valley outside of Phoenix with my husband Tim and our labradoodle Archie. I currently work at as digital media specialist for one of the local municipalities and love helping connect residents to their Town.

Hot Chocolate 15k 2014

Hot Chocolate 15k 2014

Over the past few years, I’ve fallen back in love with running. I ran track in high school but did not exercise again until I was in my mid-20s. One late night out, a few friends and I decided to register for a half marathon on a whim. With zero training, I finished it and realized how much faster I could be if I were to actually train for it. I signed up for another and have been running consistently ever since. I just ran my first marathon in February and am excited to see where my running journey takes me.

Visiting Thailand!

Visiting Thailand!

In addition to running, I love traveling, eating, reading, wine and watching sports (Go Devils and Packers!). We try visit our families in California and Minnesota whenever we can and sneak in a fun trip here and there. Be prepared to read about all these things on here. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


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