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AFI Top 100: No. 5 Singin’ in the Rain

Did Gene Kelly & co. tap danced their way into my heart?

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AFI Top 100: No. 4 Raging Bull

The rawness and realness of Raging Bull made it difficult to watch at times.


AFI Top 100: No. 6 Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind is a beautiful film… and one of my favorites of the AFI Top 100.


AFI Top 100: No. 7 Lawrence of Arabia

The classic epic Lawrence of Arabia is No. 7 on the top 100 movies according to the American Film Institute.


AFI Top 100: No. 8 Schindler’s List

I have been sitting on this recap for quite sometime. Not because Schindler’s List is a bad film, no quite the contrary, Schindler’s List is a very important movie and one I would encourage people try to watch. It is the fact it is such a well done film on an awful subject that makes […]


AFI Top 100: No. 9 Vertigo

The AFI’s last Hitchcock film is finally upon us.


AFI Top 100: No. 10 The Wizard of Oz

There is no place like home… and no movie more magical than The Wizard of Oz.


AFI Top 100: No. 11 City Lights

We watched our final silent film of the Top 100…


AFI Top 100: No. 12 The Searchers

Our final Western film starred the one and only John Wayne…


AFI Top 100: No. 13 Star Wars

I love Star Wars, LOVE IT!