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Top Five of 2013

Before I ponder my goals for 2014, I need to look back on my amazing 2013!


Here’s to 28!

A reflection on 27 and looking ahead to 28…

Life These Days

We haven’t watched an AFI top 100 movie in quite awhile… here are some of the reasons why!

Top 5 Moments of 2012

What an amazing year 2012 was for me! There were big personal events, lots of traveling and my family remains blessed with our wonderful health. Before looking ahead to 2013 and my goals for the year, I would like to look back at my Top 5 moments of 2012.

Meet Archie!

Tim and I have been wanting a dog for awhile and had yet to find one that seemed right… until last week when we stumbled upon a Craigslist post looking for a home for a Labradoodle puppy. We met with the poster and fell in love with the little guy immediately! His name is Archibald […]

AZ FUN: Freeman Farms

Growing up, my family did all the stereotypical holiday traditions. We dyed Easter eggs; we went to an actual Christmas tree farm to chop down a real tree; we drove around looking at Christmas lights. We also always went to a pumpkin patch. Tim and I didn’t go to one last year (I think we […]

A Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago, my cousin Krysta and my aunts threw a shower for me in my hometown of Orcutt, Calif. My aunt Phoebe has a beautiful backyard so they opted to throw it there. The decorations were darling, the food was delicious and even the smallest details were amazing. I wanted to share some photos […]

An 80th Birthday Celebration

My grandfather turned 80 today. He is an incredible man, always tells his grandchildren he loves them and always checks in with my parents to make sure we are doing all right. A former Marine, he and my grandmother left Wisconsin after they got married and he worked diligently to provide for his family of […]

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

For the Fourth of July weekend, TC and I headed to my hometown of Santa Maria, Calif. Located approximately three hours north of L.A., Santa Maria is a part of the beautiful Central Coast, which I dub as the most underrated part of California. Vineyards and rolling golden hills graze the landscape of the inland area while popular yet often foggy beaches highlight the coast.