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2014 Goals

Happy New Year! Here are my 2014 goals!


Top Five of 2013

Before I ponder my goals for 2014, I need to look back on my amazing 2013!

Here’s to 28!

A reflection on 27 and looking ahead to 28…

Running Full Speed into 27

Today I turned 27, which is not that significant of a year but one that I am absolutely looking forward to! In my 27th year I will: 1. Marry my best friend and the love of my life!!!! 2. Party with my best girls in Chicago for my bachelorette 3. Travel to Belize for an […]

On Leaving A Career In Athletics

I was a wide-eyed sophomore when I started working for Sun Devil Athletics. Naive but determined, I served as an intern for my remaining three years as an undergraduate in the media relations department. Starting out as a kid who did little more than hand out stats and type out quotes, I slowly worked my […]

It’s Official: Myspace is Dead.

Today, something that many of us have known for years, has been officially announced. Myspace is no longer a social networking site. According to Mike Jones, the chief executive of Myspace, “MySpace is a not a social network anymore. It is now a social entertainment destination.” In other news, Truman trumps Dewey and Michael Jackson […]

Soundtracks of Freshman Years…

Today was the first day of classes at ASU and maybe that’s why I’m feeling sentimental right now. I’m moving in a week and took an opportunity to clean out my closet. I found a number of burned CDs and pieces of paper. Confused at first, I soon realized it was from a university introductory […]

Bucket List

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” – Carl Sandburg I have always been a dreamer. There is little more satisfying than seeing your dreams come into fruition. It can be hard to conquer dreams, unless you create realistic steps. One part of these steps is to create a list of your dreams, a Bucket List […]

World Cup

I’ll admit it, this is the first year I have truly gotten into World Cup fever. A plethora of certain instances has sparked my interest. For one, I work with several international athletes and have seen their love of the “beautiful game”. Secondly, my boyfriend’s favorite team is the US Men’s National team and I […]

Writing the novel of my life…

I once read somewhere, “You are not just a character in the novel of your life, but you are also its author.” I cannot remember who said, nor have I been able to find this quote, but ever since I first heard this, it has defined the way I live my life. Here on this […]