Between workouts and work, sometimes it’s really hard to eat healthy on the go. This is one of the reasons I was stoked when Run Eat Tweet AZ told me about GoMacro Bars and that I was getting the opportunity to try them.

Find out how having a coach has helped me maintain my running during the offseason.

Enjoying the last race of my 20s and remembering one of the little runners at the race.

This was my seventh time running Pat’s Run and every time I can’t wait until after the next one. For those who are not familiar, Pat’s Run was started in honor of Pat Tillman, a former Sun Devil and Arizona Cardinals football player who left a million dollar contract to join the Army Rangers. He […]

Disclaimer: I received an M80 Extreme Roller case thanks to the Run Eat Tweet AZ CRO program. You can learn more about Run Eat Tweet AZ here. All opinions are my own. Now that my marathon is over and I don’t have a big race scheduled, the thing I’m working on the most running-wise is […]

What will make me do a race the week after my first marathon? Free FroYo of course! My friend Katy and I saw the FroYo 5k and decided if we were still too sore (she ran the Phoenix half) then we would just take it easy. I ended up feeling just fine and really enjoyed […]

It won’t be every day I run a marathon so bear with me for another post. I wrote about my race experience earlier but wanted to also comment on other aspects of the Phoenix Marathon. The Phoenix Marathon was my first half marathon I ran, so this race will always have a soft spot in […]

I’m a marathoner! Last Saturday I successfully crossed the finish line at the Phoenix Marathon! I’m going to do two recaps on my experience. This first one will be an overview of my experience that morning. The last bus left Mesa Riverview at 5 a.m. I knew I wanted to get on one of the […]

Holy crap. The day is nigh. Tomorrow at 6:30 a.m., I will be starting my 26.2 mile journey at the Phoenix Marathon. Today is a strange day. I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. Part of me is at peace. I put my miles in. I’ve been doing well on my long runs. […]

My Saturday run with Run Eat Tweet AZ was a blast!

We went up to the Peak and visited the Ladies Market during the second day of our SE Asia adventure.

I have super exciting news! I was named a Chief Running Officer (CRO) for Run Eat Tweet AZ! Run Eat Tweet AZ is a group of Arizona runners with a social media problem.

I never imagined a three minute PR would happen at the Rock N Roll Arizona half marathon and am pumped to say it did!

Tim and I had planned on making a big trip in 2014 and when Tim’s best friend Tyler moved to Hong Kong, we knew our destination. Tyler recommended adding a few more stops on our trip so we opted to visit Thailand and Vietnam. Due to vacation time and weather, we picked October as the […]

Holy cow, was this race a blast! After running the 12ks of Christmas last year, my coworker Traci and I decided to try out the Hot Chocolate 15k this holiday season. And after the experience I had with it, I think it will be an annual event! This race was just pure fun! Since my parents […]

A lot happened in 2014. I gained a new nephew and lost my grandfather. My husband and I traveled to San Francisco, Minnesota, California, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. I ran 12 races and have been up and down in my running throughout the year. It’s been a roller coaster. I looked back yesterday to […]

After running Beast to Feast with my sisters-in-law last Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to start my Turkey Day with a race again this year! Mesa holds Arizona’s oldest Turkey Trot and since I live in the Southeast Valley, it was the most convenient (until I found out later that Gilbert had a free Turkey […]

After a long break from blogging and running, I’m back!

July’s humidity slowed me down a bit but I continued to fall in love with Startline Racing!

Startline Racing provides several races, including a series of 5k in the middle of the Arizona summer.

Until the Night Run, every race I had done started fairly early in the morning. It felt much different hitting the starting line after dark.

Pat’s Run is one of my favorite events of the entire year and is a fantastic way to do good while running.

The training I put in paid off at the Phoenix Half Marathon!